Automatic Likes vs. Automatic Retweets and why the latter is better

Let me ask you, would you rather someone like your message or share it? Well, let’s say both. Everyone wants see likes soaring up on their twitter page, but they do at the same time would love to have people spread their message. Here is the thing. Favorites means someone liked your post, while a retweet could mean that someone liked your message so much that they want others to see it. And that’s the big difference between the two.

So, your aim as a twitter user should always to get more likes than there are favorites, even though this rarely happens. A great tweet message that is creative and worth sharing will give you instant like. Some of the accounts which receive the highest number of retweets are not always the most followed. But it’s okay. What’s important is having as much likes as possible. It all depends on how good you are at crafting posts, interacting with your followers and liking their posts. You can also look for automatic likes services which you can avail if you want to put you tweets or twitter account to the next level.